Nick Leonard - The TRUE Minnesota Progressive

Message to the People!

why I'm running

A Message to the People of Minnesota


"I’m Nick Leonard, and I’m running for United States Senate." 

"Minnesota voters deserve to have a choice in this special election. I am that strong progressive voice capable of defeating the anticipated Republican nominee."

"As the TRUE Minnesota progressive, I will be your champion on the issues you care most about. I understand the everyday concerns of Minnesota families -- they are the same concerns for my family too. I stand ready to help families provide for their children, pass laws to protect the environment, and further strengthen our economy so it benefits all Americans – address the student loan crisis, increase wages, advance equal pay for equal work, pass fair taxation and make primary health care a fundamental right. Together we will advocate for truth and make our laws, elections and culture fair and equitable."

"I am resolute in my commitment to stand up for what Minnesotans need most and stand against what we will no longer tolerate -- laws and policies that enable discrimination, sexual harassment and oppression."

"I need your support. Please join me in this fight."