Nick Leonard the TRUE Minnesota Progressive

We will accept up to $50 per person.

Leveling the playing field - Giving People Equal Access!

"When political campaigns, process, and decisions are so heavily influenced by big  money, far too many people are excluded from the opportunity to participate in the political process, including running for office." 

No corporate PAC money: Consistent with our FIFTY commitment, we are not accepting corporate PAC money. 

"Votes, not money, are the basis for a fair and equitable democracy."

Give up to $50 today

We welcome donations of all sizes up to $50.  A FIFTY dollar cap helps ensure all voters of different income levels have equal access and influence. 

FIFTY will move us forward.



Far too many people are shut out of the opportunity to participate in the political process. We want to provide greater and equal access to the political process for  voters of all income levels.


Democracy is about people, not money. Our focus is more on the people, and not on the money.


We want to encourage the average person to participate in a meaningful way. We want all participants to have and feel that they have equal influence in Washington to the wealthy donors.